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Gozlan, R. E., Andreou, D, Asaeda, T., Beyer, K., Bouhadad, R., Burnard, D., Caiola, N., Cakic, P., Djikanovic, V., Esmaeili, H.R., Falka, I., Golicher, D., Harka, A., Jeney, G., Kovac, V., Musil, J., Nocita, A., Povz, M., Poulet, N., Virbickas, T., Wolter, T., Tarkan, S., Tricarico, E., Verreycken, H., Witkowski, A., Zhang, C.G., Zweimuelle, I. and Britton, J.R., 2010. Pan-continental invasion of Pseudorasbora parva: towards a better understanding freshwater fish invasions. Fish and Fisheries, 11 (4), pp. 315-340.