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Exhibitions at Salisbury Arts Centre

Salisbury Arts Centre presents a rolling programme of exhibitions throughout the year.

The exhibition space is open Tuesday – Saturday 10am - 4pm (may vary depending on performance times)

Re-Imagining Exhibitions

Supported by Arts Council England, Trinity Photography and Evolver Magazine.


"Re-Imagining Exhibitions is a genuinely exciting project for Salisbury Arts Centre and the community in the Salisbury area and beyond. The Arts Centre is committed to really exploring what art can do in its atmospheric premises, experimenting with different media, approaches and ways for visitors to get involved, whatever their prior experience of contemporary art.

The programme includes high quality craft, sculpture, digital media, film, and approaches which innovate and blur traditional boundaries. Over the course of the project visitors will find new commissions from globally renowned artists, as well as new work by locally and regionally based creative talents, and plenty of ways to learn more through talks, tours, workshops, and fun interactive events and resources. Each exhibition is designed to be radically different from the others, although there are certain themes which recur throughout, so we welcome you to keep coming back and don't be shy about telling us what you think!"

Karen MacDonald, Re-Imagining Exhibitions Project Leader


Broken Stillness
Exhibition opening - Wednesday 9 March 6.30 - 8.30pm
Thursday 10 March - Thursday 21 April

Curated by Helen Sloan, Director, SCAN

Artists: boredomresearch, Susan Collins, Sigune Hamman,
Peter Hardie, Tim Head, Susan Sloan

Broken Stillness comprises subtle, beautiful and hypnotic work which uses digital practices to examine the border where well-established forms of image-making, especially painting and photography, meet the possibilities offered by new technologies. Through animation, motion capture, modelling software and other processes the artists generate unexpected interpretations of the landscape tradition. Slowly moving and shifting, their works reveal the constructed nature of images, highlighting our expectations about both static pictures and the hyper-speed of the digital environment. The exhibited works display the materiality of the digital or photographic image while challenging images that are frequently regarded as 'true' representations.

boredomresearch are Southampton-based artists and programmers Vicky Isley and Paul Smith, lecturers in Computer Animation & Computer Art at the National Centre of Computer Animation, Bournemouth University. They employ modelling techniques similar to those used by scientists to study natural phenomena, using these to create moving landscapes, still life, 'life forms' and interactive environments. Their work has been shown in festivals and exhibitions round the world as well as in many online exhibitions.

Susan Collins is one of the UK's leading artists working with digital media. She works across public, gallery and online spaces. Her recent works mainly employ transmission, networking and time as primary materials, often exploring the role of illusion or belief in their construction and interpretation. Works include In Conversation, Tate in Space (a bafta nominated Tate netart commission), Transporting Skies which transported sky (and other phenomena) live between Newlyn Art Gallery, Penzance in Cornwall and Site Gallery Sheffield in Yorkshire, Fenlandia and Glenlandia - live year long pixel by pixel internet transmissions from remote landscapes - and The Spectrascope, an ongoing live pixel by pixel transmission from a haunted house.

Sigune Hamann uses photographs, videos and installations to explore the effects time and perception have on the construction of mental images. Formed by her previous experience of collaborations in the performing arts, Hamann's sequential installations and internet works combine factual and fictional fragments while suggesting a continuity of time. Her photographs and video loops work at a level of abstraction and compression yet they reveal deeper affinities and resonances behind appearances. Born in Frankfurt and currently based in London, her exhibition and commission credits include Kunsthalle Mainz, the BFI, British Council and International Media Festival, Berlin.

Peter Hardie's work is driven by observation and reaction to specific moments in time and space of landscape: leaves floating down a river, cloud shadows moving across hills, trees moving in the wind. His animations and still images have no narrative but aim to recreate the sensation of perceiving the original scene and moment, using three dimensional computer animation systems to eliminate traces of the artist's hand. Hardie has exhibited widely within the UK and also at festivals in Europe and United States.

Tim Head explores the 'raw material' of the digital environment: what he calls 'this quasi-dimension [where] physical space is collapsed and a different order of space fills the void'. This familiar yet alien territory which is part of our everyday experience is expanded into something surprising through the artist's random generation computer programmes, which provide a subtly ever-changing experience far removed from the pixel's usual duty in relaying commercial and social information. An influential artist in the UK, he has exhibited in many major international galleries and events, including Whitechapel Gallery, Venice Biennale, Documenta 6 and the Guggenheim New York.

Susan Sloan is an artist Lecturer and Research Fellow at the National Centre for Computer Animation, Bournemouth University. She works collaboratively and individually, using animation to create artworks and public projects including her ongoing study into portraiture that utilises 3D animation software and motion capture technologies to look at identity through motion and action. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally including the SIGGRAPH Gallery (San Diego), 404 Festival (Argentina), IVO3 London, IVO6 London, Sydney, Kunstihoone Gallery (Tallinn, Estonia), Yokohama Art Museum (Japan) and Glasgow International Festival.

Broken Stillness - Folkstone

Broken Stillness Supporters

Thursday 28 April - Saturday 14 May

An eclectic exhibition featuring ceramics, jewellery, animation, film, drawing, crafts and more. Showcasing work by the professional artists who teach at Salisbury Arts Centre and the workshop participants they tutor and inspire, this is a celebration of local talent and an opportunity to see what you could be involved in.


FREE drop-in workshop:
Saturday 30 April, 11am - 2pm

Try your hand at several art forms in one day and get the creative energy flowing! Great for all the family.


Chinese Kites and Calligraphy Exhibitions
Salisbury International Arts Festival
Saturday 20 May - Saturday 4 June

Chinese and English proverbs take on magical swirling forms in an exhibition of Calligraphy by Jianzhou Xu (Beijing Wen-Shi-Xuan Painting and Calligraphy House) and English calligrapher Mary Noble (Fellow of the Society of Scribes).

The exquisite craftsmanship and flexible flying movement of Chinese Kites is revealed in a separate exhibition, which begins on Saturday 21 May. Wonderfulyl colourful, the show will feature kites by Li Xu from Weifang.


A Dialogue on Landscape and Constable
Abigail Reynolds and Jonathan Parsons
Thursday 23 June - Saturday 30 July

A contemporary response to landscape coinciding with 'Constable and Salisbury' ant Salisbury & South Wiltshire Museum. Curated by Judy Adam, the exhibition will feature new works by internationally recognised artists Abigail Reynolds and Jonathan Parsons.

Look out for an 'ambulatory' wall piece that changes as you move past it, a 'digital painting' of Salisbury Cathedral, a map sculpture and a dot-matrix text installation.

Abigail Reynolds and Jonathan Parsons in conversation with Timothy Wilcox an, curator of 'Constable and Salisbury'.
Wednesday 22 June, 6.15pm
Tickets: £5

In association with Salisbury & South Wiltshire Museum.


The Salisbury Golem
Bob and Roberta Smith
Saturday 6 August - Saturday 17 September

Meet the Salisbury Golem - a secular wooden descendant of the protective Golem of Hebrew legend. Together we must feed it with wishes, messages and gifts for the future of the city!

Created for Salisbury by the renowned Bob and Roberta Smith - with a nod to humanoid representations, myth and tradition - the contemporary sculptural Golem needs your belief and creations to bring it to life.

Bob and Roberta Smith live and work in London. Smith's DIY approach appropriates the languages of folk, punk and the alternative protest movements to personalise political sloganeering. Often it takes the shape of hobbies; music, cooking or DIY which is then combined with a subversive humour. Bob and Roberta Smith think it's moral to be absurd and that embracing absurd things is somehow an area of sanity. Much of the work manifests itself in performance, with strong ideas of participation or of the participatory positions similar to those used by the Fluxus in the 1960's.

Find out more at the Launch Ceremony on Friday 5 August, 6 - 8.30pm and join us for the Closing Ceremony on Saturday 17 September, 1 - 3pm.


Open Exhibition 2011: Animation
Wednesday 29 September - Saturday 5 November


Selected by a panel of professionals in the field, the exhibition will include the most engaging, inventive and well executed of entries across the spectrum of animation techniques. It could be drawn, stop motion, 'claymation', computer generated or whatever takes your fancy. Open to all to apply - no age restrictions or qualifications needed - and individual and group applications are welcome.
Entries should be no longer than 5 minutes in length (excerpts accepted) and submitted on DVD or pen drive in a format that will play on Windows Media Player.
Further information about themes and this year's panel of professionals will be confirmed shortly, keep checking our website for the latest news.

Deadline for entries: Friday 2 September


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