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ASCII Art Conversion

Programming Techniques control structures:
adequate & effective useAre iterations (do/while/for loops) and selections (if/else, switch) used appropriately/effectively?

use & extentEffective functional decomposition: is the program modular & contains not just the main function but several functions/procedures?

data structures:
adequate & effective useDoes the program employ appropriate aggregate data structures (arrays/record) and not just variables from primitive data types?

Additional Comments:

Report, Documentation, Visual Impact
The following categories match the marking criteria that were given as guidance.
backgroundIs there an introduction and a previous/related work section?
very basicA brief introduction but no discussion of previous & related work?
description of project background
   background explained to a
high standardA good introduction and a fairly detailed discussion of previous/related work.

excellent and detailedThis is more than what one would usually expect from students at this level - almost publishable as is.
description of project background
implementationIs there a description of program & algorithm design and a discussion of the implementation?
very basicPresent but lacking detail that would allow readers to replicate the work - a simple chronological description reporting on the implementation.
description of project implementation
   implementation explained to
acceptable standardAdequate detail allowing readers to replicate the work - more descriptive than analytic.

   implementation explained to a
high standardA detailed & analytic description of algorithm & program design and the implementation - allows replication and provides detailed insights.

excellentThis is more than what one would usually expect from students at this level - almost publishable as is.
and detailed description of project implementation
resultsAre there results/conclusions and a examples of generated images?
very basicExample images presented but no explanation or discussion.
presentation of project results
well explainedExample images are presented and explained, possibly also reflecting on the project.
project results
excellent descriptionThis is more than what one would usually expect from students at this level - almost publishable as is.
of project results with good visuals

Build Management
workingDoes the program compile correctly when 'make' is invoked (without modifying the makefile)?
Makefile provided

Code Documentation Autodoc (Doxygen) used
documentation qualityReferring to documentation & comments in the source code - is this simply stating what the code does or does it provide additional explanations & details?

Visual Impact
visual qualityDoes the program work & generate output? How close is this output to the results that would be expected?
of artefact output

OriginalityIs the original contribution by the student too small?
of the work: - %

Implementation mark (out of 50):       Remaining mark (out of 50):

Total mark (out of 100):