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Data from an International Multi-Centre Study of Statistics and Mathematics Anxieties and Related Variables in University Students (the SMARVUS Dataset).

Terry, J., Ross, R., Nagy, T., Salgado, M., Garrido-Vásquez, P., Sarfo, J. O., Cooper, S., Buttner, A., Lima, T. J. S., Ozturk, I., Akay, N., Santos, F., Artemenko, C., Copping, L., Elsherif, M. M., Milovanović, I., Cribbie, R., Drushlyak, M., Swainston, K., Shou, Y., Leongómez, J. D., Palena, N., Abidin, F. A., Reyes, M-F., He, Y., Abraham, J., Vatakis, A., Jankowsky, K., Schmidt, S. N. L., Grimm, E., González, D., Schmid, P., Ferreira, R., Rozgonjuk, D., Özhan, N., O’Connor, P. A., Zsido, A., Stiglic, G., Rhodes, D., Rodríguez, C., Ropovik, I., Enea, V., Nurwanti, R., Estudillo, A., Beribisky, N., Himawan, K. K., Geven, L., van Hoogmoed, A., Bret, A., Chapman, J., Alter, U., Flack, T., hanna, d., Soltanlou, M., Baník, G., Adamkovic, M., van der Ven, S., Mosbacher, J., Sen, H., Anderson, J., Batashvili, M., de Groot, K., Parker, M., Helmy, M., Ostroha, M., Gilligan-Lee, K. A., Egara, F., Barwood, M., Thomas, K., McMahon, G., Griffin, S., Nuerk, H-C., Counsell, A., Lindemann, O., Van Rooy, D., Wege, T. E., Lewis, J., Aczel, B., Monaghan, C., Al-Hoorie, A., Huber, J., Yapan, S., Garrido, M., Callea, A., Ergiyen, T., Clay, J., Mertens, G., Topçu, F., Tutlu, M., Caso, L., Karner, A., Storm, M., Daroczy, G., Zein, R. A., Greco, A., Buchanan, E. M., Schmid, K., Hunt, T., De keersmaecker, J.s, Branney, P., Randell, J., Clark, O. J., Steltenpohl, C. N., Malu, B., Tekeş, B., Ramis, T. S., Agrigoroaei, S., Badcock, N., McAloney-Kocaman, K., Semenikhina, O., Graf, E., Lea, C., Guppy, F. M., Warhurst, A., Lindsay, S., Khateeb, A. A., Scharnowski, F., de Kwaadsteniet, L., Francis, K., Lecompte, M., Webster, L., Morsanyi, K., Forwood, S., Walters, E., Tip, L., Wagge, J. R., Lai, H. Y., Crossland, D., Darda, K. M., Flack, Z., Leviston, Z., Brolly, M., Hills, S., Collins, E., Roberts, A., Cheung, Y., Leonard, S., Verschuere, B., Stanley, S., Xenidou-Dervou, I., Ghasemi, O., Liew, T., Ansari, D., Guilaran, J., Penny, S., Bahnmueller, J., Hand, C., Rahajeng, U. W., Peterburg, D., Takacs, Z., Platow, M. and Field, A. P., 2023. Data from an International Multi-Centre Study of Statistics and Mathematics Anxieties and Related Variables in University Students (the SMARVUS Dataset). Journal of Open Psychology Data, 11 (1), 8.

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DOI: 10.31234/


This large, international dataset contains survey responses from N = 12,570 students from 100 universities in 35 countries, collected in 21 languages. We measured anxieties (statistics, mathematics, test, trait, social interaction, performance, creativity, intolerance of uncertainty, and fear of negative evaluation), self-efficacy, persistence, and the cognitive reflection test, and collected demographics, previous mathematics grades, self-reported and official statistics grades, and statistics module details. Data reuse potential is broad, including testing links between anxieties and statistics/mathematics education factors, and examining instruments’ psychometric properties across different languages and contexts. Data and metadata are stored on the Open Science Framework website (</p>

Item Type:Article
Uncontrolled Keywords:Statistics; mathematics; anxiety; education; jangle fallacy
Group:Faculty of Health & Social Sciences
ID Code:39177
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Deposited On:22 Nov 2023 16:14
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