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Examination of the suitability of collecting in event cognitive processes using Think Aloud protocol in golf.

Whitehead, A.E., Taylor, J.A. and Polman, R. C.J., 2015. Examination of the suitability of collecting in event cognitive processes using Think Aloud protocol in golf. Frontiers in Psychology: Movement Science and Sport Psychology, 6, 1083- .

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DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2015.01083


Two studies examined the use of Think Aloud (TA) protocol as a means for collecting data of cognitive processes during performance in golf. In Study 1, TA was employed to examine if different verbalisation (Level 2 or Level 3 TA) instructions influence performance of high and low skilled golfers. Participants performed 30 putts using TA at either Levels 2, 3, or no verbalization condition. Although Level 3 verbalization produced a higher volume of verbal data than Level 2, TA at either Level 2 or 3 did not impair putting performance compared to no verbalization. Study 2 examined the congruence between data collected via TA at Level 3 and cued retrospective recall of cognitive processes during golf performance. Experienced golfers performed six holes of golf whilst engaging in Level 3 TA. After performance, three semi-structured retrospective interviews were conducted (10 min after performance, 24 h after performance and 48 h after performance). A comparison of the themes identified large discrepancies between the information reported during TA and at interview, with only 38–41% similarity in variables reported to influence decision making on each hole. Both studies suggest TA is a valuable method for recording cognitive processes of individuals during task performance. TA provides richer verbal data regarding decisions than cued retrospective recall, and TA does not negatively impact performance.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Think Aloud, verbal protocol, motor task, golf, cognitive processes, retrospective recall, verbalizations, methodology in psychological research
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