About the Repository

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Take Down Policy

If you are of the opinion that a resource within BURO:

  • is an infringement of your intellectual property rights; or
  • is an infringement of your moral rights; or
  • is offensive or unacceptable in some other way;

Please immediately contact BURO@bournemouth.ac.uk with the following information:

  • identification of the item by title, description and its URL;
  • the nature of the complaint; and
  • any supporting or substantiating evidence you have.

The item will be blocked during a period of investigation and you will be notified if any further action is taken. The Library management team will at its discretion remove or block access to the item.

Any personal information you provide in your complaint shall be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and subordinate legislation. The data controller is Bournemouth University, unless otherwise stated. The university's Privacy Policy is available from https://www1.bournemouth.ac.uk/about/governance/access-information/data-protection-act-1998-dpa-privacy-policies

Contact Information

For general, technical or editorial enquiries concerning this specific repository contact BURO@bournemouth.ac.uk.

For 1-2-1 help, training and workshops Bournemouth University staff should contact their Subject Support Team https://www1.bournemouth.ac.uk/students/library/contact-us