Model Transformations in MT.

Tratt, L., 2007. Model Transformations in MT. Science of Computer Programming, 68 (3), pp. 196-213.

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DOI: 10.1016/j.scico.2007.05.003


Model transformations are recognised as a vital aspect of Model Driven Development,but current approaches cover only a small part of the possible spectrum. In this paper I present the MT model transformation which shows how a QVT-like language can be extended with novel pattern matching constructs, how tracing information can be automatically constructed and visualized, and how the transformed model is pruned of extraneous elements. As MT is implemented as a DSL within the Converge language, this paper also demonstrates how a general purpose language can be embedded in a model transformation language, and how DSL development can aid experimentation and exploration of new parts of the model transformation spectrum.

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