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Towse, R., 2012. Economics of Copyright Collecting Societies and Digital Rights: Is There a Case for a Centralised Digital Copyright Exchange? Review of Economic Research in Copyright Issues, 9 (2), 3 - 30 .

Mullineux, A., 2012. Financial Sector Policies for Enterprise Development in Africa. In: 10th African Finance Journal Conference, 15--16 May 2013, Coastlands Hotel, Umhlanga, Durban, South Africa. (In Press)

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Polkinghorne, M. and Buxton, R., 2012. Investigation into the Role of Trust between Managers and Students during Undergraduate Placement Year Activities. Discussion Paper. Poole, England: Bournemouth University.

Polkinghorne, M. and Agbo, G., 2012. Should UK companies invest more in the training & development of their employees? Discussion Paper. Poole, England: Bournemouth University.

Polkinghorne, M. and Anderson, J., 2012. A study into the role of corporate social responsibility within the computer games industry. Discussion Paper. Poole, England: Bournemouth University.

Arnold, A. and Polkinghorne, M., 2012. Consideration of the Potential Drivers & Barriers Faced by Third Party Logistics Providers when Implementing Green Practices. Discussion Paper. Poole, England: Bournemouth University.

Bobeva, M. and Hopkins, D., 2012. Embedding QR Codes in Education Contexts. In: Innovation in challenging times: The ABS Learning & Teaching Conference, 24-25 April 2012, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, Manchester, England.

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Brooks, C., 2012. The Effect of Information and communications technology (ICT) on franchisee to franchisor relationships. PhD Thesis (PhD). Bournemouth University.

Hartman, E., 2012. 'Giving effect to policy': a legal and empirical investigation of the implementation of European food quality schemes in Poland (PDO, PGI,TSG). PhD Thesis (PhD). Bournemouth University.

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Wilczek, B., 2012. Neither here nor there: choice and constraint in migrant worker acculturation. PhD Thesis (PhD). Bournemouth University.

Alexander, P., 2012. Owner-occupied housing taxation: an equity evaluation of the UK and US tax systems. PhD Thesis (PhD). Bournemouth University, Business School..

Kirkpatrick, A., 2012. Pension accounting; a study of value relevance and the perception of decision usefulness in the UK. PhD Thesis (PhD). Bournemouth University.

Nordberg, D., 2012. Return of the State? The G20, the Financial Crisis and Power in the World Economy. Review of Political Economy, 24 (2), 289 - 302 .

Nordberg, D., 2012. Rules of the game: whose value is served when the board fires the owners? Business Ethics: A European Review, 21 (3), 298 - 309 .

Ayatakshi, S., 2012. SME's and environmental taxation: a mixed methods analysis. PhD Thesis (PhD). Bournemouth University.

Eeckels, B., Filis, G. and Leonard, C., 2012. Tourism income and economic growth in Greece: Empirical evidence from their cyclical components. Tourism Economics, 18 (4), 817 - 834 .

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