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Mayoh, J., McDonald, K. and Luce, A., 2024. Listening to women’s personal stories about suicide: An online thematic analysis of the discourse on UK parenting forum Mumsnet. Feminist Media Studies. (In Press)

Vasil, M., Chopdar, P. K., Buhalis, D. and Das, S. S., 2024. Value co-creation in the sharing economy: Revisiting the past to inform future. Psychology and Marketing. (In Press)

Mady, K., Anwar, I. and Abdelkareem, R. S., 2024. Nexus between regulatory pressure, eco‑friendly product demand and sustainable competitive advantage of manufacturing small and medium‑sized enterprises: the mediating role of eco‑innovation. Environment, Development and Sustainability. (In Press)

Ryland, P., 2024. What emotions do cultural or heritage exhibits stimulate? Interpretation Journal, 29 (1), 32-33. (In Press)

Chatterjee, S., Mikalef, P., Khorana, S. and Kizgin, H., 2024. Assessing the Implementation of AI Integrated CRM System for B2C Relationship Management: Integrating Contingency Theory and Dynamic Capability View Theory. Information Systems Frontiers, 26, 967-985.

Discetti, R. and Acuti, D., 2024. ‘Lines of flight’ in city food networks: a relational approach to food systems transformation. Urban Studies. (In Press)

Cleland, J., Adair, D., Parry, K. and MacDonald, C., 2024. Spectator Racism in Three Professional Men’s Football Codes in Australia: Observations from White Spectators. International Review for the Sociology of Sport. (In Press)

Osman, H. and Brown, L., 2024. Towards the search for a sustainable destination: a gender perspective. Journal of Sustainable Tourism. (In Press)

Jia, G., Wen, J., Fan, D. X. F. and Liu, X., 2024. Role reversal in adult child-aging parent family travel. Annals of Tourism Research, 106, 103751.

Childs, D., Lee, N., Cadogan, J. W. and Dewsnap, B., 2024. How within-person research can extend marketing knowledge. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 52, 695-714.

Garanti, Z., Ilkhanizadeh, S. and Liasidou, S., 2024. Sustainable Place Branding and Visitors’ Responses: A Systematic Literature Review. Sustainability, 16 (8), 3312.

Barrett, Z. and Shipway, R., 2024. Crisis management response strategies of small-scale sport event organisations to the effects of the covid-19 pandemic. Event Management, 28 (3), 441-459.

Aboud, A., Elbardan, H., El-Helaly, M. and Kotb, A., 2024. Does the audit committee member’s accounting experience associated with key audit matter types? Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting. (In Press)

Kavanagh, E. and Mountjoy, M., 2024. CyberAbuse in sport: beware and be aware! British Journal of Sports Medicine (April), 1-3.

Leung, X., Viglia, G. and Buhalis, D., 2024. Immersive Advertising via Co-Creation:Lessons from the Visitor Economy” How to Enhance Experiential Competitiveness With an “Attract, Convert, and Delight” Strategy. Journal of Advertising Research. (In Press)

Rasul, T., de Oliveira Santini, F., Lin, W. M., Buhalis, D., Ramkissoon, H., Ladeira, W. J., Pingo, D C. and Azhar, M., 2024. Tourist engagement: Toward an integrated framework using meta-analysis. Journal of Vacation Marketing. (In Press)

Buhalis, D., Efthymiou, L., Uzunboylu, N. and Thrassou, A., 2024. Charting the Progress of Technology Adoption in Tourism and Hospitality in the Era of Industry 4.0. Euromed Journal of Business, 19 (1), 1-20.

Gennings, E., Batten, J. and Brown, H., 2024. Development and validation of the Winchester Adolescent Wellbeing Scale: a holistic measure of children’s wellbeing. International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, 29 (1), 2331569.

Baker-Beall, C., Miles, L., Leach, N. and Reed, E., 2024. From Prevent to Protect and Prepare: The Manchester Arena Attack and Shifting Priorities in the United Kingdom’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy (CONTEST). Studies in Conflict and Terrorism.

Holmes, K., Smith, K. A., Lockstone-Binney, L., Shipway, R. and Ong, F., 2024. Volunteering legacies from the Olympic Games: missed opportunities. Voluntas, 1-29. (In Press)

Lee, Y-S., Lee, D. and Ahn, N. Y., 2024. SAQ training on sprint, change-of-direction speed, and agility in U-20 female football players. PLoS One, 19 (3), e0299204.

Kılıçarslan, O., Yozukmaz, N., Albayrak, T. and Buhalis, D., 2024. The impacts of Metaverse on tourist behaviour and marketing implications. Current Issues in Tourism. (In Press)

Zhou, L., Buhalis, D., Fan, D. X. F., Ladkin, A. and Lian, X., 2024. Attracting digital nomads: Smart destination strategies, innovation and competitiveness. Journal of Destination Marketing and Management, 31, 100850.

Neill, L., Hemmington, N., McDonald, C. and Zampollo, F., 2024. Designer delectables; exploring the design practice of haute couture and haute cuisine. International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science, 35, 100870.

Roper, L., 2024. Early Career Researchers and their quest in finding space amongst the Professoriate to facilitate research collaboration: A qualitative case study. The Open Review, 9, 8-20.

Byrom, J., Light, D., Medway, D., Parker, C. and Zenker, S., 2024. Post-holiday memory work: Everyday encounters with fridge magnets. Annals of Tourism Research, 105, 103724.

Oe, H. and Deng, F., 2024. Starbucks’ innovative approach: a pilot discussion about how to enhance customer experiences in the hospitality sector. International Journal of Business and Systems Research, 18 (2), 111-128.

Assiouras, I., Giannopoulos, A., Mavragani, E. and Buhalis, D., 2024. Virtual reality and mental imagery towards travel inspiration and visit intention. International Journal of Tourism Research, 26 (2), e2646.

Abdelkareem, R. S., Mady, K., Lebda, S. E. and Elmantawy, E. S., 2024. The effect of green competencies and values on carbon footprint on sustainable performance in healthcare sector. Cleaner and Responsible Consumption, 12, 100179.

Rainoldi, M., Ladkin, A. and Buhalis, D., 2024. Blending work and leisure: A future digital worker hybrid lifestyle perspective. Annals of Leisure Research, 27 (2), 215-235.

Nordberg, D., 2024. Governing corporations with ‘strangers’: Earning membership through investor stewardship. Philosophy of Management, 23, 85-107.

Pham, H., Mudalige, P., Le, H., Bui, M., Nguyen, V., Ramiah, V., Chu, T. and Vu, T. H., 2024. The effects of free trade agreements on the stock market: Evidence from Vietnam. PLoS ONE, 19 (2), e0294456.

Manley, A., Silk, M., Wang, Y-W., Chung, C., Bailey, R. and Craig, P., 2024. Navigating creative partnerships and cross-cultural collaboration: a case study between China and the UK. Cultural Trends. (In Press)

Jia, G., Yao, Y. and Fan, D. X. F., 2024. Value Co-Creation and Co-Destruction Through Adult Child–Parent Interactions During Family Vacations: Scale Development and Validation. Journal of Travel Research. (In Press)

Hansen-Addy, A. E., Parrilli, M. D. and Tingbani, I., 2024. The impact of regulatory business environment on SME's funding choices in developing countries - evidence from Africa. International Journal of Finance and Economics. (In Press)

Leong, A. M. W., Bai, J. Y., Luo, J. M. and Fan, D. X. F., 2024. Why do negative career shocks foster perceived employability and career performance: A career crafting explanation. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 119, 103724.

Jamin, A. B., Gbadamosi, G. and Stoyanova-Bozhkova, S., 2024. The ecosystem of disability inclusion in hospitality and tourism organisations: An integrative review and research agenda. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 36 (13), 38-56.

Piggin, J., Parry, K. D and White, A. J., 2024. Conceptualising Brainwashing: Corporate communication in a concussion crisis. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics. (In Press)

Jones, I., Adams, A. and Mayoh, J., 2024. Fan responses to ownership change in the English Premier League: Motivated ignorance, social creativity and social competition at Newcastle United F.C. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 59 (1), 101-118.

Pizam, A., Ozturk, A. B., Hacikara, A., Zhang, T., Balderas-Cejudo, A., Buhalis, D., Fuchs, G., Hara, T., Meira, J., Revilla, R. G. M., Sethi, D., Shen, Y. and State, O., 2024. The role of perceived risk and information security on customers' acceptance of service robots in the hotel industry. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 117, 103641.

Obiegbu, C. J. and Larsen, G., 2024. Algorithmic personalization and brand loyalty: An experiential perspective. Marketing Theory. (In Press)

Kenyon, J., Binder, J. F. and Baker-Beall, C., 2024. An analysis of terrorist attack perpetrators in England and Wales: Comparing lone actors, lone dyads, and group actors. Journal of Threat Assessment and Management.

Heere, B., Lock, D. and Cooper, D., 2024. Brand community formation in service management: lessons from the sport industry. Journal of Service Management, 35 (1), 71-88.

Rubio-Escuderos, L., García-Andreu, H., Michopoulou, E. and Buhalis, D., 2024. Perspectives on experiences of tourists with disabilities: implications for their daily lives and for the tourist industry. Tourism Recreation Research, 49 (1), 48-62.

Zhu, C., Fong, L H. N., Li, X., Buhalis, D. and Chen, H., 2024. Short video marketing in tourism: Telepresence, celebrity attachment, and travel intention. International Journal of Tourism Research, 26 (1), e2599.

Inoue, Y., Lock, D., Sato, M., Aizawa, K., Mikura, A., Kohno, N. and Ogasawara, E., 2024. What explains the well-being benefits of physical activity? A mixed-methods analysis of the roles of participation frequency and social identification. Social Science and Medicine, 340, 116454.

Mady, K., Abdelkareem, R. S., Halim, M. A. S. A., Omar, K. and Elsheikh, T., 2024. A systematic review and scientometric analysis of the driving factors of eco-innovation: trends and future research. International Journal of Procurement Management, 19 (1), 74-105.

McLeod, M., Vaughan, D. R., Edwards, J. and Moital, M., 2024. Knowledge sharing and innovation in open networks of tourism businesses. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 36 (2), 438-456.

Giousmpasoglou, C., Ladkin, A. and Marinakou, E., 2024. Worker exploitation in the gig economy: the case of dark kitchens. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Insights, 7 (1), 414-435.

Hansen-Addy, A. E., Parrilli, D. M. and Tingbani, I., 2024. The impact of trade facilitation on African SMEs' performance. Small Business Economics, 62, 105-131.

Lyu, J., Wang, X. and Fan, D. X. F., 2024. Ageing in the context of accompanying migration: a leisure stress coping perspective. Leisure Studies, 43 (2), 311-326.

Anderson, E., Batten, J., Zeigler, C., Reed, J., Magrath, R. and Parry, K. D, 2024. Does the liberalization of masculine space improve experiences for sexual minorities? Sociological Research Online. (In Press)

Nordberg, D., 2024. Enacting and exploring ideas in fiction: The Overstory and The Portable Veblen. New Writing, 21 (1), 73-93.

Hartwell, H., Bray, J., Lavrushkina, N., Lacey, J., Rodrigues, V. M., Fernandes, A. C., Bernardo, G. L., Martinelli, S. S., Cavalli, S. B. and Proença, R. P. D. C., 2024. Identifying key factors that encourage vegetable intake by young adults: using the health belief model. British Food Journal, 126 (1), 453-470.

Alola, A. A., Adedoyin, F. F. and Alola, U. V., 2024. Investigating the environmental and economic dimensions of household, commercial, and industrial energy intensities in the USA. Carbon Management, 15 (1), 2349161.

Chiew, T. K., Khoo, S., Ansari, P. and Kiruthika, U., 2024. Mobile and wearable technologies for persons with disabilities: a bibliometric analysis (2000–2021). Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology, 19 (3), 994-1002.

Parry, K. D., Braim, A. G., Jull, R. E. and Smith, M. J., 2024. No Longer a Sign of Weakness? Media Reporting on Mental Ill Health in Sport. International Journal of Sport Communication, 17 (2), 171-181.

Obigbesan, E., Chapman, A. and Light, D., 2024. Positive experiences of visually impaired tourists. Current Issues in Tourism, 27 (12), 1870-1883.

Henderson, H. and Shipway, R., 2024. (Re)framing Lego® Serious Play® for Children & Young People. International Journal of Educational Research, 124, 102322.

Luo, J. M., Fan, D. X. F. and Fan, Y, 2024. Regional city integration and its impacts on tourism development. Anatolia, 35 (2), 239-256.

Woessner, M. N., Pankowiak, A., Kavanagh, E., Parent, S., Vertommen, T., Eime, R., Spaaij, R., Harvey, J. and Parker, A. G., 2024. Telling adults about it: children’s experience of disclosing interpersonal violence in community sport. Sport in Society, 27 (5), 661-680.

Read, D., Skinner, J., Smith, A. C. T., Lock, D. and Stanic, M., 2024. The challenges of harmonising anti-doping policy implementation. Sport Management Review, 27 (3), 365-386.

Book Section

Parry, K. D., 2024. Hero formation and the myth of Australian national identity in Australian football. In: Nosal, P., Kossakowski, R. and Woźniak, W., eds. Football, Fandom and Collective Memory: Global Perspectives. Abingdon: Routledge, 78-92.

Parry, K. D., Adair, D. and Cleland, J., 2024. National anthems and athlete activism. In: Lawrence, S., Hill, J. and Mowatt, R., eds. Routledge Handbook of Sport, Leisure, and Social Justice. Routledge, 431-445. (In Press)

Turnšek, M. and Ladkin, A., 2024. Algorithmic management: Reflecting on the practices of Airbnb. In: Valeri, M. and Sousa, B., eds. Human relations management in tourism. IGI Global, 57-81.

De Martini Ugolotti, N., 2024. Pedagogies of the body and embodied spaces in planetary urbanization processes. In: Donato, A., Galak, E. and Bortolotti, A., eds. Pedagogie del Corpo. Rome, Italy: QUAPEG.

Hewlett, D., Gray, D., Gunton, R., Munro, T., Agarwal, S., Breed, M., Skelly, C., Weinstein, P., Terradillos, A., Lavrushkina, N. and Byrne, D., 2024. Significant Spaces: Exploring the Health and Wellbeing Impacts of Natural Environments. In: Finneran, N., Hewlett, D. and Clarke, R., eds. Managing Protected Areas People and Places. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 167-192.

Hewlett, D., Gunton, R., Gray, D., Terradillos, A., Agarwal, S., Lavrushkina, N. and Byrne, D., 2024. Tourism and Visitor Management in Protected Areas Post-pandemic: The English Context. In: Finneran, N., Hewlett, D. and Clarke, R., eds. Managing Protected Areas People and Places. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 267-293.

Conference or Workshop Item

Giousmpasoglou, C., Papavasileiou, E. F., Marinakou, E. and Hall, K., 2024. “Make it or fake it?” The Imposter Syndrome in Kitchen Professionals. In: The INC 2024, 5-7 June 2024, The Hague. (In Press)


AL Hajri, F. S., 2024. Enhancing Disaster Risk Reduction and Response: A Comparison of the Complexities of Inter-Sectoral Coordination in the Omani Disaster Management System 2010-2020. Doctoral Thesis (Doctoral). Bournemouth University.

Rainoldi, M., 2024. Managing Work and Leisure in the Digital Age: A Practice Exploration of Digital Nomadism. Doctoral Thesis (Doctoral). Bournemouth University.


Miles, L., 2024. Spotlight on Sierra Leone: Lessons from the AFRICAB and EVALDIS projects. UK Cabinet Office and Emergency Planning College (EPC).

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