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Bibimoune, I., Bourezg, Y. I., Abib, K., Liedke, M. O., Wagner, A., Matej, Z., Huang, Y., Langdon, T. G. and Bradai, D., 2023. Characterization of defect microstructure in MgRE (RE=Ce, Nd) alloys after processing by High-Pressure Torsion using Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy and a High Resolution X-ray Diffraction. Physica B: Condensed Matter. (In Press)

Yesiltepe, D., Fernández Velasco, P., Coutrot, A., Ozbil Torun, A., Wiener, J. M., Holscher, C., Hornberger, M., Conroy Dalton, R. and Spiers, H. J., 2023. Entropy and a sub-group of geometric measures of paths predict the navigability of an environment. Cognition, 236, 105443.

Batley, A., Sewell, P. and Dyer, B., 2023. Facilitators and barriers for participation in sports and physical activity for children with lower limb absence: A Systematic Review. Prosthetics and Orthotics International. (In Press)

Dupac, M., 2023. Mathematical modeling and simulation of the inverse kinematic of a redundant robotic manipulator using azimuthal angles and spherical polar piecewise interpolation. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, 209, 282-298.

Xi, L., Tang, W. and Wan, T. R., 2023. TreeNet: Structure preserving multi-class 3D point cloud completion. Pattern Recognition, 139, 109476.

Ferraris, C., Davis, T., Gatzidis, C. and Hargood, C., 2023. Digital Cultural Items in Space: The Impact of Contextual Information on Presenting Digital Cultural Items. ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage. (In Press)

Nazir, M. H., Khan, Z. A., Hussain, M. M., Rahil, A. and Zaidi, S. Z. J., 2023. A Comprehensive Experimental Study and Numerical Analysis of Coefficient of Friction of Nanocomposite Coatings. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 301, 127550.

Nematimoez, M., Breen, A. C. and Breen, A., 2023. Spatio-temporal clustering of lumbar intervertebral flexion interactions in 127 asymptomatic individuals. Journal of biomechanics, 154, 111634.

Kong, L., Li, Z., Zhu, W., Ratwani, C. R., Fernando, N., Karunarathne, S., Abdelkader, A. M., Kamali, A. R. and Shi, Z., 2023. Sustainable regeneration of high-performance LiCoO2 from completely failed lithium-ion batteries. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 640, 1080-1088.

Slater, H. D., Gillingham, P., Pratt, V., Eaton, B., Fletcher, S., Abdullah, A., Supriadi, S. and Korstjens, A. H., 2023. Living on the edge: Forest edge effects on microclimate and terrestrial mammal activity in disturbed lowland forest in Sumatra, Indonesia. Oryx: The International Journal of Conservation. (In Press)

Moseley, R., Gregory, N., Smith, P., Allison, C., Cassidy, S. and Baron-Cohen, S., 2023. Potential mechanisms underlying suicidality in autistic people with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): testing hypotheses from the interpersonal theory of suicide. Autism in Adulthood. (In Press)

Patel, R., Khan, Z., Bakolas, V. and Saeed, A., 2023. Numerical simulation of the lubricant-solid interface using the multigrid method. Lubricants, 11 (6), 233.

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Sinclair, J. M. A., Aslan, B., Agabio, R., Anilkumar, A., Brosnan, M., Day, E., Dowling, N. A., Flood, C., Grant, J. E., Halliday, R., Hofvander, B., Howes, L., Moseley, R., Myers, B., O'Connor, V., Shaya, G., Thomas, S., Robinson, J. and Chamberlain, S. R., 2023. Identifying the most important research, policy and practice questions for substance use, problematic alcohol use and behavioural addictions in autism (SABA-A): A priority setting partnership. Comprehensive Psychiatry, 124, 152393. (In Press)

Vasilev, M., Hitching, L. and Tyrrell, S., 2023. What makes background music distracting? Investigating the role of song lyrics using self-paced reading. Journal of Cognitive Psychology. (In Press)

Parris, B. A, Hasshim, N., Ferrand, L. and Augustinova, M., 2023. Do Task Sets Compete in the Stroop Task and Other Selective Attention Paradigms? Journal of Cognition, 6 (1), 23.

Parker, B., Andreou, D., Green, I. D., Pabortsava, K., Boardman, R. M., Pinder, A. C., Wright, R. M. and Britton, J R., 2023. Low microplastic loads in riverine European eel (Anguilla anguilla) from SW England during their marine-freshwater transition. Journal of Fish Biology. (In Press)

Potter, R., Pitman, D., Manley, H. and Rönnlund, R., 2023. Cost-effective, rapid decorrelation stretching and responsive UAS mapping as a method of detecting archaeological sites and features. Heritage Science, 11 (1), 89.

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