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Aljouni, A., Bademci, O., Hogan, S., Marino, S., McDougall, J., Rega, I., Syrme, S. and Uddin, N., 2023. Digital arts - refugee engagement. Media Practice and Education. (In Press)


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Frost, S., 2023. Economic imaginings of consumption in book retail: From a monumental logic to a (passing) political moment? LOGOS: The Journal of the World Book Community. (In Press)


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Mardon, R., Denegri-Knott, J. and Molesworth, M., 2023. "Kind of Mine, Kind of Not”: Digital Possessions and Affordance Misalignment. Journal of Consumer Research. (In Press)

Matthews, J., Zhao, X., Jackson, D., Thorsen, E., Mellado, C., Abuali, Y. and Glück, A., 2023. Sourcing UK Covid-19 News: An analysis of sourcing patterns of 15 UK news outlets reporting on Covid-19 across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Health Communication.


Nash, J. and Sidhu, C., 2023. ‘Pink is for girls, blue is for boys’ exploring brand gender identity in children’s clothing, a post‐evaluation of British retailer John Lewis. Journal of Brand Management.


Oktavio, A., Mitasari, R., Sinarta, Y., Kusumawidjaya, E., Wijaya, V. and Widyawati, C., 2023. Indonesian students’ entrepreneurial behavior: The effect of creativity, passion, alertness and intention. Journal of Eastern European and Central Asian Research, 10 (2), 227-237.

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Rovisco, M., Poulakidakos, S. and Veneti, A., 2023. Who Are We? Square Politics and the Collective Self-Understanding of the Indignados in Spain and Greece—Reflections and Legacies. Journal of Iberian and Latin American Research.


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Wallis, R., Aust, R. and Van Raalte, C., 2023. Where have all the PMs gone? Early conclusions from the Production Managers Survey and (historic and gendered) patterns of devalued work. In: BAFTSS 2023 Conference, 03-05 Apr 2023, University of Lincoln, UK.

Wang, X., Wang, T., Wang, J., Xu, Y., Ban, X., Huang, H., Zhu, Z., Chang, J. and Zhang, J. J., 2023. Implicit smoothed particle hydrodynamics model for simulating incompressible fluid-elastic coupling. Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds. (In Press)

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Zhao, X., 2023. Constructing the ‘us’ and ‘them’ dichotomy through the notion of responsibility: An integrated framework. Global Media and Communication, 19 (1), 119-138.

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