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Al Balushi, H., Watts, H. and Akudjedu, T. N., 2024. Research and evidence-based practice in clinical radiography: A systematic review of barriers and recommendations for a new direction. Radiography, 30 (2), 538-559.

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Bartholomew, V., Hundley, V., Clark, C. J. and Parris, B. A., 2024. The RETHINK Study: Could pain catastrophising explain why some women are more likely to attend hospital during the latent phase of labour. Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare, 39, 100941.

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Barwood, M. J., Eglin, C., Hills, S. P., Johnston, N., Massey, H., McMorris, T., Tipton, M. J., Wakabayashi, H. and Webster, L., 2024. Habituation of the cold shock response: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Thermal Biology. (In Press)


Coleman, P., Jimenez, Y., Kumsa, M. J., Punch, A., Jeyandrabalan, M. and Akudjedu, T. N., 2024. Explaining the practicum experiences of diagnostic radiography undergraduates in Australia and Ethiopia using the theory of human relatedness. Radiography, 30 (2), 517-523.

Cornish, H., Weston, G., Djohari, N., Urdea, A., Liber, E. and Evans, L., 2024. For love and money: Navigating values at the antiques roadshow event. Journal of Popular Culture. (In Press)

Caudwell, J., 2024. Trans women and/in sport: Exploring sport feminisms to understand exclusions. Sociology of Sport Journal. (In Press)


De Rezende, H., 2024. Diagnostic Test Accuracy of the YEARS Algorithm for Pulmonary Embolism: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal. (In Press)

Dragosits, A., Martinsen, B., Hemingway, A. and Norlyk, A., 2024. Coming home: older patients’ and their relatives’ experiences of well-being in the transition from hospital to home after early discharge. International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health & Well-Being, 19 (1), 2300154.


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Mason, K., Dray, R., Healy, J. C. and Wells, J., 2024. Restorative justice in safeguarding adults with hate crime and discriminatory abuse: exploring the evidence. Journal of Adult Protection. (In Press)

Mills, A., 2024. Improving health literacy to support better health outcomes. Nursing Times, 120 (1), 26-29.

McClintock, F. A., Callaway, A. J., Clark, C. J. and Williams, J. M., 2024. Assessing the Impact of Sensor Orientation on Accelerometer-Derived Angles: A Systematic Analysis and Proposed Error Reduction. Applied Sciences, 14 (2), 842.


Nordberg, D., Homberg, F. and Zeitoun, H., 2024. Hubris and leadership: The role of, and warning signs in, storytelling and myth-making. In: Cairns, D., Bouras, N. and Sadler-Smith, E., eds. Hubris, Ancient and Modern: Concept, Comparisons, Connections. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (In Press)

Neveling, P., 2024. Special economic zones: The global frontlines of neoliberalism’s value regime. In: Kalb, D., ed. Insidious capital: Frontlines of value at the end of a global cycle. Oxford, New York: Berghahn Books, 40-69.

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Pound, M., Massey, H., Roseneil, S., Williamson, R., Harper, C. M., Tipton, M., Shawe, J., Felton, M. and Harper, J. C., 2024. How do women feel cold water swimming affects their menstrual and perimenopausal symptoms? Post reproductive health. (In Press)


Roberts, N. J., McAloney-Kocaman, K., Lippiett, K., Ray, E., Welch, L. and Kelly, C. A., 2024. Factors influencing fatigue in UK nurses working in respiratory clinical areas during the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic: An online survey. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 33 (1), 322-332.

Rebelo Trindade, A., Holley, D. and Gonçalo Marques, C., 2024. Skills for safety, security and well-being in the DigComp framework revision and their relevance for a sustainable global (higher) education. In: Sousa, M. J., de Bem Machado, A. and Aparecida Dandolini, G., eds. Technologies for a Sustainable Global Higher Education. Boca Raton, Fla.: Auerbach Publications.


Susiku, E., Hewitt-Taylor, J. and Akudjedu, T. N., 2024. Graduate competencies, employability and the transnational Radiography workforce shortage: A systematic literature review of current pre-registration Radiography education and training models. Radiography, 30 (2), 457-467.

Singleton, H., Mahato, P., Arden-Close, E., Thomas, S., Ersser, S., Holley, D., Yang, X. and Roberts, A., 2024. Virtual reality used to distract children and young people with long-term conditions from pain or pruritus: a scoping review using PAGER. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 33 (2), 469-480.

Simpson, M., 2024. Changing gears and buying time: A study exploring AMHP practice following referral for a Mental Health Act assessment in England and Wales. The British Journal of Social Work. (In Press)

Sapkota, S, Rushton, S, van Teijlingen, E, Subedi, M., Balen, J., Gautam, S., Adhikary, P., Simkhada, P., Wasti, S. P., Karki, J. K., Panday, S., Karki, A., Rijal, B., Joshi, S., Basnet, S. and Marahatta, S. B., 2024. Participatory policy analysis in health policy and systems research: reflections from a study in Nepal. Health Research Policy and Systems, 22, 7.


Yang, K., McErlain-Naylor, S. A., Isaia, B., Callaway, A. and Beeby, S., 2024. E-Textiles for Sports and Fitness Sensing: Current State, Challenges, and Future Opportunities. Sensors, 24 (4), 1058.

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