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Amat Trigo, F., Tarkan, A. S., Aksu, S., Bolland, J., Andreou, D., Gillingham, P., Yeldham, M. and Britton, J., 2024. Variability in the summer movements, habitat use and thermal biology of two fish species in a temperate river. Aquatic Sciences: research across boundaries. (In Press)

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Adedeji, V. I., Vasilev, M. R., Kirkby, J. A. and Slattery, T. J., 2024. The Eye-voice Span within and between Lines. Other. Unpublished. (Unpublished)

Adedeji, V. I., Vasilev, M. R., Kirkby, J. A. and Slattery, T. J., 2024. Syllable Units during Oral Reading. Other. Unpublished. (Unpublished)

Al-Nasser, S., Noroozi, S., Harvey, A., Aslani, N. and Haratian, R., 2024. Exploring the Performance of an Artificial Intelligence-Based Load Sensor for Total Knee Replacements. Sensors, 24 (2), 585.


Bell, B. T., Talbot, C. V. and Deighton-Smith, N., 2024. Following up on #Fitspiration: A comparative content analysis and thematic analysis of social media content aiming to inspire fitness from 2014 and 2021. Psychology of Popular Media. (In Press)

Breen, A., Breen, A., Branney, J. and Nematimouez, M., 2024. Passive intervertebral restraint is different in patients with treatment-resistant chronic nonspecific low back pain: a retrospective cohort study and control comparison. European Spine Journal. (In Press)

Brady, M. J., Jenkins, C. A., Gamble-Turner, J. M., Moseley, R., Janse van Rensburg, M. and Matthews, R. J., 2024. "A perfect storm”: Autistic experiences of menopause and midlife. Autism. (In Press)

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Baudin, T., Azzeddine, H., Brisset, F., Huang, Y. and Langdon, T. G., 2024. Estimating dislocation density from electron backscatter diffraction data for an AZ31/Mg-0.6Gd hybrid alloy fabricated by high-pressure torsion. Philosophical Magazine. (In Press)

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Coombs, T., Abdelkader, A., Ginige, T., Van Calster, P., Harper, M., Al-Jumeily, D. and Assi, S., 2024. Understanding drug use patterns among the homeless population: A systematic review of quantitative studies. Emerging Trends in Drugs, Addictions, and Health, 4, 100059. (In Press)

Cantarello, E., Jacobsen, J. B., Lloret, F. and Lindner, M., 2024. Shaping and enhancing resilient forests for a resilient society. Ambio. (In Press)

Ciborowski, T. J. R., Nash, D. J., Darvill, T., Chan, B., Parker Pearson, M., Pullen, R., Richards, C. and Anderson-Whymark, H., 2024. Local and exotic sources of sarsen debitage at Stonehenge revealed by geochemical provenancing. Journal of Archaeological Science, 53, 104406.


Davis, T., 2024. Ambiguous Devices as an example of a Networked Relational Encounter. International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media. (In Press)

Dabou, O., Baudin, T., Brisset, F., Waeckerlé, T., Betanda, Y. A., Huang, Y., Helbert, A-L., Bradai, D. and Langdon, T. G., 2024. Correlation between microstructure, magnetic properties and mechanical behavior of the Permimphy alloy after high-pressure torsion. Journal of Materials Science. (In Press)

Day, S., Xiao, Z., Chaudhry, E., Hooker, M., Zhu, X., Chang, J., Iglesias, A., You, L. and Zhang, J., 2024. Improving Realism of Facial Interpolation and Blendshapes with Analytical Partial Differential Equation-Represented Physics. Axioms, 13 (3), 185.

Davies, P., Britton, J. R., Andreou, D., Crundwell, C., Dodd, J. R., Lepais, O., Nunn, A. D., Sabatino, S., Velterop, R. and Bolland, J. D., 2024. Tracking repeat spawning anadromous fish migrations over multiple years in a fragmented river suggests philopatry and sex‑linked variation in space use. Aquatic Sciences, 86, 34.

Dyer, B. and Taylor, J., 2024. An investigation into the attitudes of virtual cycling participants regarding avatar bodyweight manipulation and weight doping. Journal of Electronic Gaming and Esports, 1 (1), jege.2023-0025.

Davies, B., Paul, R., Osselton, D., Evers, R. and Woolley, T., 2024. Absence of new psychoactive substances in wastewater from South Wales, UK, revealed by optimised liquid chromatography-time-of-flight analysis. Drug Testing and Analysis. (In Press)


Ellingson, E. and Silva, F., 2024. The Major Lunar Standstill Season is Here! Journal of Skyscape Archaeology, 9 (2), 281-288.

Eason, A. D and Parris, B. A, 2024. The importance of highlighting the role of the self in hypnotherapy and hypnosis. Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, 54, 101810.

Estudillo, A. J and Wong, H. K., 2024. The role of inversion and face masks on simultaneous and delayed face matching tasks. PLoS One, 19 (1), e0295407.


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Fordham, S. M. E., Barrow, M., Mantzouratou, A. and Sheridan, E., 2024. Genomic analyses of an Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae urinary tract co‐infection using long‐read nanopore sequencing. MicrobiologyOpen, 13 (1), e1396.

Forgiarini da Silva, D., da Silva, T. S., Esteves, L. S. and Sfreddo, G. A., 2024. The Dunes Contribution to the Ecosystem Service of Coastal Protection on the Northern Coast of RS. Sociedade & Natureza, 36 (1).


Giff, S., Barsoum, R. and Dogan, H., 2024. User Experience Research: Point of View Playbook. In: ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2024), 11-16 May 2024, Honolulu, Hawaii. (In Press)

Gao, Q., 2024. Real-time Topology-Aware Augmented Reality. Doctoral Thesis (Doctoral). Bournemouth University.

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Ghazal, A., Clarke, D., Abdel-Rahman, M. A., Ribeiro, A., Collie-Duguid, E., Pattinson, C., Burgoyne, K., Muhammad, T., Alfadhel, S., Heidari, Z., Samir, R., Gerges, M. M., Nkene, I., Colamarino, R. A., Hijazi, K. and Houssen, W. E., 2024. Venomous gland transcriptome and venom proteomic analysis of the scorpion Androctonus amoreuxi reveal new peptides with anti-SARS-CoV-2 activity. Peptides, 173, 171139.

Gurgun, S., Cemiloglu, D., Arden Close, E., Phalp, K., Nakov, P. and Ali, R., 2024. Why do we not stand up to misinformation? Factors influencing the likelihood of challenging misinformation on social media and the role of demographics. Technology in Society, 76, 102444.

González-Guillén, C., Romero Resendiz, L., Naeem, M., Vidilli, A. L., Otani, L. B., Klyatskina, E., Gonzalez, G. and Amigó, V., 2024. Microstructural and mechanical behavior of second-phase hardened porous refractory Ti-Nb-Zr-Ta alloys. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 980, 173605.

Gillingham, P. K., Britton, J R., Jones, G., Miller-Rushing, A., Stafford, R. and Slater, H., 2024. Climate change adaptation for biodiversity in protected areas: An overview of actions. Biological Conservation, 289, 110375.

Gnacek, M., Quintero, L., Mavridou, I., Balaguer-Ballester, E., Kostoulas, T., Nduka, C. and Seiss, E., 2024. AVDOS-VR: Affective Video Database with Physiological Signals and Continuous Ratings Collected Remotely in VR. Scientific Data, 11, 132.


Hawken, T., Barnett, J. and Gamble-Turner, J. M., 2024. Through the eyes of a young carer: A photo elicitation study of protective resilience. Qualitative Health Research. (In Press)

Hardouin, E. A., Riccioli, F., Andreou, D., Baltazar-Soares, M., Cvitanovic, M., Williams, N. F., Chevret, P.., Renaud, S., García-Rodríguez, O., Hadjisterkotis, E., Miltiadou, D., Macholán, M., Odenthal-Hesse, L., Kuenzel, S. and Mitsainas, G. P., 2024. Population genetics and demography of the endemic mouse species of Cyprus, Mus cypriacus. Mammalian Biology. (In Press)

Hardman, D., 2024. A fictionalist account of open-label placebo. The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy.

Holden, J. and Cetinkaya, D., 2024. Using personalised authentication flows to address issues with traditional authentication methods. In: 12th International Conference on Model-Based Software and Systems Engineering (MODELSWARD), 21-23 February 2024, Rome, Italy.

Hardman, D., 2024. On having control over our actions. Philosophical Investigations. (In Press)

Hall, O. J., Shiaeles, S. and Li, F., 2024. A Study of Ethereum’s Transition from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake in Preventing Smart Contracts Criminal Activities. Network, 4 (1), 33-47.

Hasshim, N., Carruthers, M., Ferrand, L., Augustinova, M. and Parris, B. A, 2024. No pupillometric evidence for effortful proactive control in the proportion-congruent Stroop paradigm. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. (In Press)


Ince, E. B., Cha, K. and Cho, J., 2024. Towards a conceptual model of users’ expectations of an autonomous in-vehicle multimodal experience. Human Behaviour and Emerging Technologies, 2024, 7418597.

Ip, K., Kusyk, N., Stephen, I. D. and Brooks, K. R., 2024. Did you skip leg day? The neural mechanisms of muscle perception for body parts. Cortex, 171, 75-89.


Jia, K., Yang, G., He, Y., Cao, Z., Gao, J., Zhao, H., Piao, Z., Wang, J., Abdelkader, A. M., Liang, Z., Kumar, R V., Zhou, G., Ding, S. and Xi, K., 2024. Degradation Mechanisms of Electrodes Promotes Direct Regeneration of Spent Li-Ion Batteries: A Review. Advanced Materials Interfaces, e2313273. (In Press)

Jiang, W., Ren, X., Yu, L., Sun, J., Ni, S., Huang, Y. and Song, M., 2024. Twinning-assisted static recrystallization and texture evolution in a Mg-Gd-Y-Zr alloy. Journal of Materials Research and Technology. (In Press)

Jones, E-A., Paige, L., Smith, A., Worth, A., Betts, L. and Stafford, R., 2024. Potential for Carbon Credits from Conservation Management: Price and Potential for Multi-Habitat Nature-Based Carbon Sequestration in Dorset, UK. Sustainability, 16, 1268.


Kurtul, I., Tarkan, A. S., Sarı, H. M., Haubrock, P. J., Soto, I., Aksu, S. and Britton, J R., 2024. Exploring invasiveness and versatility of used microhabitats of the globally invasive Gambusia holbrooki. Science of the Total Environment, 925, 171718.

Kannangara, Y. Y., Karunarathne, S., Wijesinghe, W. P. S. L., Sandaruwan, C., Ratwani, C. R., Kamali, A. R. and Abdelkader, A. M., 2024. The electrochemical performance of various NiCo<inf>2</inf>O<inf>4</inf> nanostructures in hybrid supercapacitors: Investigating the impact of crystalline defects. Journal of Energy Storage, 84, 110717.

Kiat Toh, D. W., Fu, A. S., Mehta, K. A., Lin Lam, N. Y., Haldar, S. and Henry, C. J., 2024. Plant-based meat analogues (PBMAs) and their effects on cardiometabolic health: An 8-week randomized controlled trial comparing PBMAs with their corresponding animal-based foods. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. (In Press)

Kozabek, A., Chai, W. K. and Zheng, G., 2024. Modeling traffic congestion spreading using a topology-based SIR epidemic model. IEEE Access. (In Press)

Kumar, S., Banerjee, S., Ghosh, S., Majumder, S., Mandal, J., Roy, P. K. and Bhattacharyya, P., 2024. Appraisal of pollution and health risks associated with coal mine contaminated soil using multimodal statistical and Fuzzy-TOPSIS approaches. Frontiers of environmental science and engineering, 18 (5), 60.


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Luu, H. T. T., Le, L. T. and Green, I. D., 2024. Effects of vermicompost on the growth and yield of spring onion (Allium fistulosum L.). Journal of Agricultural Sciences (Belgrade), 69 (1), 31-44.


Mohamed, O. O., Bazarnik, P., Huang, Y., Azzeddine, H., Baudin, T., Brisset, F., Kawasaki, M. and Langdon, T. G., 2024. Primary recrystallization of a magnesium hybrid material fabricated by high-pressure torsion. Materials Today Communications. (In Press)

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Noman, M., Gurgun, S., Phalp, K., Nakov, P. and Ali, R., 2024. Challenging others when posting misinformation: a UK vs. Arab cross-cultural comparison on the perception of negative consequences and injunctive norms. Behaviour and Information Technology. (In Press)


Orthey, R., Rechdan, J., Satchell, L., Kyo, A, Matsuda, I and Walsh, D, 2024. Applications of Legal Psychology in Japan: Current Practice, Research Knowledge, and Future Directions. Collabra: Psychology, 10 (1), 115298.


Qin, Y., Huang, M., Huang, C., Perry, H. L., Zhang, L. and Zhu, D., 2024. O2-generating multifunctional polymeric micelles for highly efficient and selective photodynamic-photothermal therapy in melanoma. Chinese Chemical Letters, 109171. (In Press)


Riris, P., 2024. Frequent disturbances enhanced the resilience of past human populations. Nature. (In Press)

Riris, P., 2024. Monumental snake engravings of the Orinoco River. Antiquity: a quarterly review of archaeology. (In Press)

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