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Dhakal Rai, S., Poobalan, A., Jan, R., Bogren, M., Wood, J., Dangal, G., Regmi, P., van Teijlingen, E., Dhakal, K.B., Badar, S.J. and Farhana, S., 2019. Caesarean Section rates in South Asian cities: Can midwifery help stem the rise? Journal of Asian Midwives, 6 (2), 4 - 22.

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Munteanu, D.G., 2019. Is Tumblr the New Narnia? A Few Reflections on C.S. Lewis, Romanticism and Their Relevance on Media and Cultural Studies. Linguaculture, 10 (2), 179 - 192.

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Edwards, R., Way, S. and Hundley, V., 2019. Can an educational web-intervention, co-created by service users alongside self-efficacy theory, affect nulliparous women’s experiences of early labour? A study protocol for a randomised control trial (the L-TEL Trial). Evidence Based Midwifery, 17 (4), 121 - 127.

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