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Brown, S. and Stillman, R. A., 2021. Evidence-based conservation in a changing world: lessons from waterbird individual-based models. Ecosphere. (In Press)

Brown, S., Jenkins, K., Goodwin, P., Lincke, D., Vafeidis, A.T., Tol, R.S.J., Jenkins, R., Warren, R., Nicholls, R.J., Jevrejeva, S., Sanchez Arcilla, A. and Haigh, I.D., 2021. Global costs of protecting against sea-level rise at 1.5°C to 4.0°C. Climatic Change. (In Press)

Lazarus, E., Aldabet, S., Thompson, C.E.L., Hill, C.T., Nicholls, R.J., French, J.R., Brown, S., Tompkins, E.L., Haigh, J.D., Townend, J.H. and Penning-Rowsell, E.C., 2021. The UK needs an open data portal dedicated to coastal flood and erosion hazard risk and resilience. Anthropocene Coasts. (In Press)

Talbot, C. V., O'Dwyer, S. T., Clare, L. and Heaton, J., 2021. The use of Twitter by people with young-onset dementia: A qualitative analysis of narratives and identity formation in the age of social media. Dementia. (In Press)

Oe, H., 2021. The innovative organisation of Airbnb: Business model innovation and holacracy to enhance innovative business behaviour coping with the impact of the COVID-19. International Journal of Business Innovation and Research. (In Press)

Vetchagool, W., Augustyn, M. and Tayles, M., 2021. ISO 9000, activity based costing and organizational performance. Total Quality Management and Business Excellence, 32 (3-4), 265-288.

Trawiński, T., Mestry, N., Harland, B., Liversedge, S.P., Godwin, H.J. and Donnelly, N., 2021. The Spectatorship of Portraits by Naïve Beholders. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, 15 (1), 3-19.

Yan, Z., Abdelkader, A.M., Day, S., Tang, C., Casiraghi, C. and Mirihanage, W., 2021. In-situ probing of the thermal treatment of h-BN towards exfoliation. Nanotechnology, 32 (10), 105704.

Inoue, Y., Lock, D., Gillooly, L., Shipway, R. and Swanson, S., 2021. The Organizational Identification and Well-being Framework: Theorizing about How Sport Organizations Contribute to Crisis Response and Recovery. Sport Management Review. (In Press)

Naiseh, M., Cemiloglu, D., Jiang, N., Althani, D. and Ali, R., 2021. Explainable recommendations and calibrated trust: two systematic users’ errors. Computer. (In Press)

Yesiloglu, S., Memery, J. and Chapleo, C., 2021. To post or not to post? Examining motivations of brand related engagement types on social networking sites. Internet Research. (In Press)

Crossley, L. and Fisher, A., 2021. Geriaction Cinema: Introduction. Journal of Popular Film and Television. (In Press)

Pownall, M., Talbot, C. V., Henschel, A., Lautarescu, A., Lloyd, K.E., Hartmann, H., Darda, K.M., Tang, K.T.Y., Carmichael-Murphy, P. and Siegal, J., 2021. Navigating Open Science as Early Career Feminist Researchers. Psychology of Women Quarterly. (In Press)

Lim, H., 2021. Human rights activism among North Korean refugees in the UK: Hope for a democratic future? Journal of Human Rights and Social Work. (In Press)

Townend, I.H., French, J.R., Nicholls, R.J., Brown, S., Carpenter, S., Haigh, I.D., Hill, C.T., Lazarus, E., Penning-Rowsell, E.C., Thompson, C.E.L. and Tompkins, E.L., 2021. Operationalising Coastal Resilience to Flood and Erosion Hazard: A Demonstration for England. Science of the Total Environment, 783 (August), 146880.

Van Raalte, C., 2021. Kathryn Bigelow: The Poetics of ObsessIon. New Review of Film and Television Studies. (In Press)

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Yamaoka, Y. and Oe, H., 2021. Examining the Effectiveness of the "Throwing Reach Model" in Disseminating Information. Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict. (In Press)

Singleton, H., James, J., Penfold, S., Falconer, L., Priego-Hernández, J., Holley, D. and Burden, D., 2021. Deteriorating patient training using non-immersive virtual reality: A descriptive qualitative study. Computers, Informatics, Nursing (CIN). (In Press)

Yang, Y., Saqib, S., Zia, N. and Mahmood, S., 2021. Big data management capabilities in the hospitality sector: service innovation and customer generated online quality ratings. Computers in Human Behavior, 121 (August), 106777.

Britton, J. R. and Nolan, E. T., 2021. Comparative angler catch rates of native versus alien piscivorous fish in an invaded river fishery. Fisheries Research, 240 (August), 105970.

Morley, D. A. and Cunningham, S., 2021. Global partnerships in nursing - A qualitative study in lessons for success. Nurse Education in Practice, 54 (July), 103069.

Mivšek, P., Hundley, V., Van Teijlingen, E., Pahor, M. and Hlebec, V., 2021. Slovenian midwifery professionalisation: Perception of midwives and related health professions. European Journal of Midwifery. (In Press)

Moseley, R., Turner-Cobb, J., Spahr, C.M., Shields, G.S. and Slavich, G.M., 2021. Lifetime and Perceived Stress, Social Support, Loneliness, and Health in Autistic Adults. Health Psychology. (In Press)

Stevens, M., Rees, T. and Cruwys, T., 2021. Social Identity Leadership in Sport and Exercise: Current Status and Future Directions. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 55 (July), 101931.

Adedoyin, F. F., Agboola, P.O., Ozturk, I., Bekun, F.V. and Agboola, M.O., 2021. Environmental consequences of economic complexities in the EU amidst a booming tourism industry: Accounting for the role of brexit and other crisis events. Journal of Cleaner Production, 305 (July), 127117.

Muir, K., Anderson, E., Parry, K. D. and Letts, D., 2021. The Changing Nature of Gay Rugby Clubs in the UK. Sociology of Sport Journal. (In Press)

Parry, K. D., Cleland, J., White, A., Hardwicke, J., Batten, J., Piggin, J. and Howarth, N., 2021. Masculinities, media and the rugby mind: An analysis of stakeholder views on the relationship between rugby union, the media, masculine-influenced views on injury, and concussion. Communication and Sport. (In Press)

Gent, L. and Paul, R., 2021. The detection of new psychoactive substances in wastewater. A comprehensive review of analytical approaches and global trends. Science of the Total Environment, 776 (July), 146028.

Brunsø, K., Birch, D., Memery, J., Temesi, Á., Lakner, Z., Lang, M., Dean, D. and Grunert, K., 2021. Core dimensions of food-related lifestyle: A new instrument for measuring food involvement, innovativeness and responsibility. Food Quality and Preference, 91, 104192.

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Morley, D. A. and Cunningham, S., 2021. The international focus-A neglected curriculum in global undergraduate nursing. Nurse Education in Practice, 54 (July), 103101.

Yao, P., Slattery, T. and Liu, X., 2021. Sentence Context Modulates the Neighborhood Frequency Effect in Chinese Reading: Evidence from Eye Movements. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition. (In Press)

Green, D., Hargood, C. and Charles, F., 2021. Use of Tools: UX Principles for Interactive Narrative Authoring Tools. Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage (JOCCH). (In Press)

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Paul, R., Smith, S., Gent, L. and Sutherill, R., 2021. Air monitoring for synthetic cannabinoids in a UK prison: Application of personal air sampling and fixed sequential sampling with TD-GC×GC-TOF MS analysis. Drug Testing and Analysis. (In Press)

Johnson, A. and Morley, E., 2021. Sharing personal memories on ephemeral social media facilitates autobiographical memory. CyberPsychology, Behavior and Social Networking. (In Press)

Yamaoka, Y. and Oe, H., 2021. Business strategies of companies with a longevity of 300 years or longer in Japan: A concept model. International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy. (In Press)

Bamber, Z.A., Wheeler, P.C., Swain, I. D. and Fong, D.T.P., 2021. Effect of 8-week treadmill running with peroneal muscle functional electrical stimulation on laterally deviated centre of plantar pressure position and star excursion balance test performance. Journal of Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies Engineering. (In Press)

Hilton, C., Wiener, J. and Johnson, A., 2021. Serial memory for landmarks encountered during route navigation. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. (In Press)

Burgess, L. C., Wainwright, T. W., James, K. A., von Heideken, J. and Iversen, M. D., 2021. The quality of intervention reporting in trials of therapeutic exercise for hip osteoarthritis: a secondary analysis of a systematic review. Trials, 22, 338.

McCarthy, D., Alexander, P. and Jung, Y., 2021. Enhancing the organisational commitment of public sector accounting staff through the pursuit of CSR objectives. Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change. (In Press)

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Bernardo, G.L., Rodrigues, V.M., Bastos, B.S., Uggioni, P.L., Hauschild, D.B., Fernandes, A.C., Martinelli, S.S., Cavalli, S.B., Bray, J. P., Hartwell, H. and Pacheco da Costa Proença, R., 2021. Association of personal characteristics and cooking skills with vegetable consumption frequency among university students. Appetite, 105432. (In Press)

Forde, E., Butcher, A., Fraser, A., Phillips, S. and Turner, M., 2021. Virtual training in the practical management of emergencies in primary care: making a virtue out of necessity. BMJ Simulation & Technology Enhanced Learning.

Weeks, M., Oe, H., Yamaoka, Y. and Hirata, T., 2021. Young Businesspeople’s Entrepreneurial Perceptions and Intentions to Contribute to Local Communities: A Case Study of the Cultured Pearl Industry in Mie, Japan. Economit Journal: Scientific Journal of Accountancy, Management and Finance, 1 (2), 96-109.

Cascalheira, C.J., McCormack, M., Portch, E. and Wignall, L., 2021. Changes in Sexual Fantasy and Solitary Sexual Practice During Social Lockdown Among Young Adults in the UK. Sexual Medicine, 9 (3), 100342.

Stantis, C., Kharobi, A., Maaranen, N., Macpherson, C., Bietak, M., Prell, S. and Schutkowski, H., 2021. Multi-isotopic study of diet and mobility in the northeastern Nile Delta. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, 13, 105.

Boos, C.J., Thiri-Toon, L., Steadman, C.D., Khambekar, S., Jordan, A. and Carpenter, J.P., 2021. The Relationship Between Ambulatory Arterial Stiffness Index and Cardiovascular Outcomes in Women. Cardiology Research, 12 (3), 161 - 168.

Fisher, A., 2021. Revisiting the Blacklist Western: A Reception Study of High Noon. Journal of Cinema and Media Studies. (In Press)

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Agabo, T., Abubakar, I.F. and Adedoyin, F. F., 2021. The Anthropogenic Consequences of Energy Consumption and Population Expansion in Africa? Do governance factors make any difference? Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 28, 27109-27118.

Vasilev, M. R., Adedeji, V. I., Laursen, C., Budka, M. and Slattery, T.J., 2021. Do readers use character information when programming return-sweep saccades? Vision Research, 183 (June), 30-40.

Salesse, K., Dufour, É., Balter, V., Tykot, R., Maaranen, N., Rivollat, M., Kharobi, A., Deguilloux, M-F., Pemonge, M-H., Brůžek, J. and Castex, D., 2021. Far from home: A multi-analytical approach revealing the journey of an African-born individual to imperial Rome. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 37 (June), 103011.

Kunkel, T., Lock, D. and Doyle, J., 2021. Gamification via mobile applications: A longitudinal examination of its impact on attitudinal loyalty and behavior toward a core service. Psychology and Marketing, 38 (6), 948-964.

Griffiths, N., Thomas, K., Dyer, B. T.J., Read, J. and Bardi, A., 2021. The Values of Only-Children: Power and Benevolence in the Spotlight. Journal of Research in Personality, 92 (June), 104096.

Zhang, L., Liu, Y., Wang, W., Zhang, W., Zuo, Q., Abdelkader, A.M., Xi, K., Heynderickx, P.M. and Kim, K-H., 2021. The potential of microplastics as adsorbents of sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate and chromium in an aqueous environment. Environmental Research, 197 (June), 111057.

Bang, H., Ndi, H., Ndi, R., Mbah, M. and Ndzo, J., 2021. Health and economic imperatives for households in the context of the anti-Covid-19 strategy in Cameroon - The case of Yaounde. Journal of Humanities and Applied Social Sciences. (In Press)

Cui, J., Ng, S.X., Liu, D., Zhang, J., Nallanathan, A. and Hanzo, L., 2021. Multi-Objective Optimization for Integrated Ground-Air-Space Networks. IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine. (In Press)

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Power, C. and Andrewes, T., 2021. A personal reflection, using theoretical frameworks to understand the impact of starting university on health and wellbeing. Nursing Times. (In Press)

Adamczewska, N. and Nyman, S.R., 2021. Falls-efficacy as a multiple dimension construct: The role of post-traumatic symptoms. Aging & Mental Health. (In Press)

Marsh, J.E., Cove, R.J., Britton, J.R., Wellard, R.G., House, A. and Gregory, S.D., 2021. Medium-term environmental changes influence age-specific survival estimates in a salmonid population. Freshwater Biology. (In Press)

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Wiener, J.M. and Pazzaglia, F., 2021. Ageing- and dementia-friendly design: theory and evidence from cognitive psychology, neuropsychology and environmental psychology can contribute to design guidelines that minimise spatial disorientation. Cognitive Processing. (In Press)

Burdett, T. and Knight, A., 2021. COVID-19: the need to address health inequalities. Perspectives in Public Health. (In Press)

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de Santis, V., Quadroni, S., Britton, R.J., Carosi, A., Gutmann Roberts, C., Lorenzoni, M., Crosa, G. and Zaccara, S., 2021. Biological and trophic consequences of genetic introgression between endemic and invasive Barbus fishes. Biological Invasions. (In Press)

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Van Raalte, C., 2021. Reflections on Mortality: The Imagery of Mirrors in Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino. Journal of Popular Film and Television. (In Press)

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