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Skoog, K. and Badenoch, A., 2024. Mediating Women: The International Council of Women and the rise of (trans)national Broadcasting. Women's History Review. (In Press)

Coombs, T., Abdelkader, A., Ginige, T., Van Calster, P., Harper, M., Al-Jumeily, D. and Assi, S., 2024. Understanding drug use patterns among the homeless population: A systematic review of quantitative studies. Emerging Trends in Drugs, Addictions, and Health, 4, 100059. (In Press)

Crossley, L., 2024. Fight Like Girls: The Stuntwomen of Bond. Journal of British Cinema and Television. (In Press)

Qin, Y., Huang, M., Huang, C., Perry, H. L., Zhang, L. and Zhu, D., 2024. O2-generating multifunctional polymeric micelles for highly efficient and selective photodynamic-photothermal therapy in melanoma. Chinese Chemical Letters, 109171. (In Press)

Harvey, A., Kohli, S., Al-Nasser, S. and Noroozi, S., 2024. Gait analysis of a kinematic retaining implant for Total knee replacements during walking and running. Journal of Orthopaedics, 56, 1-5.

Vasil, M., Chopdar, P. K., Buhalis, D. and Das, S. S., 2024. Value co-creation in the sharing economy: Revisiting the past to inform future. Psychology and Marketing. (In Press)

Bell, B. T., Talbot, C. V. and Deighton-Smith, N., 2024. Following up on #Fitspiration: A comparative content analysis and thematic analysis of social media content aiming to inspire fitness from 2014 and 2021. Psychology of Popular Media. (In Press)

Moseley, R., Shalev, I., Gregory, N. and Uzefovsky, F., 2024. Empathic disequilibrium as a predictor of non-suicidal self-injury in autistic and non-autistic people. Autism in Adulthood. (In Press)

Eysenck, A., Taylor, J., Wakeford, S. and Moseley, R., 2024. Practice-focused reflections on Adaptive Behaviour Assessment in Autism Specialist Education. British Journal of Special Education. (In Press)

Wilson, C., Talbot, C. V. and Scott, G. G., 2024. Online self-presentation: Psychological predictors and outcomes. Telematics and Informatics Reports, 14, 100147.

Wang, Y., Gao, A., Zhang, Q., Ren, X. and Zhang, J., 2024. Joint Active and Passive Beamforming Design for Intelligent Reflecting Surface Assisted Integrated Sensing and Communications Systems. . (In Press)

Clifton, H., Welch, L., Ewings, S. and Summers, R., 2024. Health Literacy Levels of Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder; a Cross-Sectional Study. British Journal of Nursing. (In Press)

Hawken, T., Barnett, J. and Gamble-Turner, J. M., 2024. Through the eyes of a young carer: A photo elicitation study of protective resilience. Qualitative Health Research. (In Press)

Koirala, B., Rushton, S., Adhikary, P., Balen, J., Basnet, S., Joshi, S., Karki, A., Lee, A., Rijal, B., Simkhada, P., Subedi, M., van Teijlingen, E. and Karki, J., 2024. COVID-19 as a challenge to Nepal’s newly federalised health system: capacities, responsibilities, and mindsets. Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health. (In Press)

Fry, A., 2024. Wellbeing and religious community participation: Exploring resources for wellbeing in areas of socio-economic deprivation in the United Kingdom. Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, 34 (3), e2796.

Hardouin, E. A., Riccioli, F., Andreou, D., Baltazar-Soares, M., Cvitanovic, M., Williams, N. F., Chevret, P.., Renaud, S., García-Rodríguez, O., Hadjisterkotis, E., Miltiadou, D., Macholán, M., Odenthal-Hesse, L., Kuenzel, S. and Mitsainas, G. P., 2024. Population genetics and demography of the endemic mouse species of Cyprus, Mus cypriacus. Mammalian Biology. (In Press)

Kurtul, I., Tarkan, A. S., Sarı, H. M., Haubrock, P. J., Soto, I., Aksu, S. and Britton, J R., 2024. Exploring invasiveness and versatility of used microhabitats of the globally invasive Gambusia holbrooki. Science of the Total Environment, 925, 171718.

Batley, A., Glithro, R., Montalvão, D., Dyer, B. T.J. and Sewell, P., 2024. Parametric Analysis of 3D Printing Parameters on Stiffness and Hysteresis Characteristics of Paediatric Prosthetic Foot Coupon Samples. Prosthetics and Orthotics International. (In Press)

Mercier, T. M., Sabet, A. and Rahman, T., 2024. Vision transformer models to measure solar irradiance using sky images in temperate climates. Applied Energy, 362, 122967.

Russell, M., Smith, M., Hambleton, E., Cheetham, P. and Tamminen, H., 2024. Brutalised, Bound and Bled: A Case of Later Iron Age Human Sacrifice from Winterborne Kingston, Dorset. Antiquaries Journal. (In Press)

Bone, J. R., Hall, A. E., Stafford, R. and Herbert, R. J. H., 2024. Inconsistent bioreceptivity of three mortar mixes in subtidal sites. Ecological Engineering, 204, 107265.

Haubrock, P. J., Soto, I., Ahmed, D. A., Ansari, A. R., Tarkan, A. S., Kurtul, I., Macêdo, R. L., Lázaro-Lobo, A., Toutain, M., Parker, B., Błońska, D., Guareschi, S., Cano-Barbacil, C., Dominguez Almela, V., Andreou, D., Moyano, J., Akalın, S., Kaya, C., Bayçelebi, E., Yoğurtçuoğlu, B., Briski, E., Aksu, S., Emiroğlu, Ö., Mammola, S., De Santis, V., Kourantidou, M., Pincheira-Donoso, D., Britton, J R., Kouba, A., Dolan, E. J., Kirichenko, N. I., García-Berthou, E., Renault, D., Fernandez, R. D., Yapıcı, S., Giannetto, D., Nuñez, M. A., Hudgins, E. J., Pergl, J., Milardi, M., Musolin, D. L. and Cuthbert, R. N., 2024. Biological invasions are a population-level rather than a species-level phenomenon. Global Change Biology, 30 (5), e17312.

Gil Rodríguez, R., Hedjar, L., Toscani, M., Guarnera, D., Guarnera, G. C. and Gegenfurtner, K. R., 2024. Color constancy mechanisms in virtual reality environments. Journal of Vision, 24 (5), 6.

Zacharis, A., Katos, V. and Patsakis, C., 2024. Integrating AI-driven threat intelligence and forecasting in the cyber security exercise content generation lifecycle. International Journal of Information Security. (In Press)

Breen, A., Nematimoez, M., Branney, J. and Breen, A., 2024. Passive intervertebral restraint is different in patients with treatment-resistant chronic nonspecific low back pain: a retrospective cohort study and control comparison. European Spine Journal. (In Press)

Soon-Sinclair, J. M., Nayak, R. and Manning, L., 2024. An AcciMap approach to analyse the Chinese melamine milk scandal. British Food Journal, 126 (6), 2604-2618.

Engelhardt, P. and Markostamou, I., 2024. Disfluency across the lifespan: An individual differences investigation. Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition. (In Press)

Appleton, K. M., 2024. The importance of enjoyment, sensory properties and perceived cooking abilities in legume and pulse consumption: a questionnaire study. Public Health Nutrition. (In Press)

Zareipour, F., Shahmir, H. and Huang, Y., 2024. Formation and significance of topologically close-packed Laves phases in refractory high-entropy alloys. Journal of Alloys and Compounds. (In Press)

Cleland, J., Adair, D., Parry, K. and MacDonald, C., 2024. Spectator Racism in Three Professional Men’s Football Codes in Australia: Observations from White Spectators. International Review for the Sociology of Sport. (In Press)

Olausson, H., Marshall, A., Nagi, S. S. and Cole, J., 2024. Slow touch and ultrafast pain fibres: Revisiting peripheral nerve classification. Clinical Neurophysiology. (In Press)

Osman, H. and Brown, L., 2024. Towards the search for a sustainable destination: a gender perspective. Journal of Sustainable Tourism. (In Press)

Riris, P., Silva, F., Crema, E., Palmisano, A., Robinson, E., Siegel, P. E., French, J. C., Jørgensen, E. K., Maezumi, S. Y., Solheim, S., Bates, J., Davies, B., Oh, Y. and Ren, X., 2024. Frequent disturbances enhanced the resilience of past human populations. Nature. (In Press)

Dawson, E., Bista, R., Colborne, A., McCubbin, B-J., Godec, S., Patel, U., Archer, L. and Mau, A., 2024. Inclusion for STEM, the institution, or minoritized youth? Exploring how educators navigate the discourses that shape social justice in informal science learning practices. Science Education, 108 (3), 792-819.

O'Shea, R., Capuzzo, E., Hemming, V., Grebe, G., Stafford, R., van den Burg, S. W. K., Wood, D., Watson, G., Wells, V., Johnson, T., Erbs, S., W. van Hal, J., Binnerts, B., Collins, A. M. and Howe, C., 2024. Managing offshore multi-use settings: Use of conceptual mapping to reduce uncertainty of co-locating seaweed aquaculture and wind farms. Journal of Environmental Management, 358, 120696.

Jia, G., Wen, J., Fan, D. X. F. and Liu, X., 2024. Role reversal in adult child-aging parent family travel. Annals of Tourism Research, 106, 103751.

Giebel, C., Harding, E., Volkmer, A., Chirico, I., Hopper, L., Szczesniak, D., Talbot, C. V., Diaz-Ponce, A., Gove, D., Knapp, M., Robinson, L., Rahman-Amin, M., Thyrian, R. and Hanna, K., 2024. The landscape of inequalities in dementia across Europe: First insights from the INTERDEM Taskforce. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 39 (5), e6096.

Hearing, T., 2024. Experiments in Zoomumentary – Telepresence and Absence Beyond the Grid. International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media. (In Press)

Oleo, D. D. D., Manning, L., McIntyre, L., Randall, N. and Nayak, R., 2024. The application of systematic accident analysis tools to investigate food safety incidents. Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, 23 (3), e13344.

Romero Resendiz, L., Sánchez Cano, T., Naeem, M., Ur Rehman, A., Salamci, E., Torres Mendoza, V., Degalez Duran, E., Bazán Díaz, L. and Salamci, M. U., 2024. Mechanical and Electrochemical Properties Comparison of Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Alloys by Electron Beam Melting and Selective Laser Melting. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance. (In Press)

Ye, X., Wang, X., Xu, Y., Kosinka, J., Telea, A. C., You, L., Zhang, J. J. and Chang, J., 2024. Monte Carlo Vortical Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics for Simulating Turbulent Flows. Computer Graphics Forum. (In Press)

Sarblah, S. R., Rachman, P., Antwi, W. K., Anudjo, M. N. K., Botwe, B. O. and Akudjedu, T.. N., 2024. Value of MRI in the cervical spine imaging series of trauma patients: A state-of-the-art review. Radiography, 30 (3), 1001-1013.

Dyer, B., Ahmed, O. H., Dahlen, S., Dalton, K., Derman, W., Donaldson, A., Fagher, K., Lexell, J., Pinheiro, L., Van de Vliet, P., Weiler, R. and Webborn, N., 2024. Evaluation of the SCAT 5 tool in the assessment of concussion in Para athletes: A Delphi Study. British Journal of Sports Medicine. (In Press)

Mauro, M., 2024. Contrasting media representations of race and national identity: The case of England and Italy at the Union of European Football Associations Euro 2020. European Journal of Cultural Studies. (In Press)

Fordham, S., Drobniewski, F., Barrow, M., Hutchings, M, Crowther, K., Richards, D., Bolton, P., Mantzouratou, A. and Sheridan, E., 2024. Genetic Analyses of Rare ESBL ST628 Klebsiella pneumoniae Detected during a Protracted Nosocomial Outbreak in the United Kingdom. Microorganisms, 12 (5), 883.

Walker, T., Burbidge, E., Arden-Close, E. and Panourgia, C., 2024. Correction: Knowing me, knowing you: how school educators cope with the challenges of inclusion in deprived and non-deprived areas. International Journal of Inclusive Education. (In Press)

Davis, T., 2024. Ambiguous Devices as an example of a Networked Relational Encounter. International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media. (In Press)

Amat Trigo, F., Tarkan, A. S., Andreou, D., Aksu, S., Bolland, J. D., Gillingham, P. K., Roberts, C. G., Yeldham, M. I. A. and Britton, J. R., 2024. Variability in the summer movements, habitat use and thermal biology of two fish species in a temperate river. Aquatic Sciences, 86, 65.

Schuermans, V. N. E., Smeets, A. Y. J. M., Breen, A., Branney, J., Curfs, I., van Santbrink, H. and Boselie, T. F. M., 2024. An observational study of quality of motion in the aging cervical spine: sequence of segmental contributions in dynamic fluoroscopy recordings. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 25 (1), 330.

Cuellar, D., Sallal, M. and Williams, C., 2024. BSM-6G: Blockchain-based Dynamic Spectrum Management for 6G Networks: Addressing Interoperability and Scalability. IEEE Access, 12, 59643-59664.

Fletcher, T., Velija, P. and Nicholson, R., 2024. The Hundred: A sociological analysis of gender relations and the (semi-) professionalisation of women's cricket in England. International Review for the Sociology of Sport. (In Press)

Majumdar, A., Bakirov, R., Hodges, D., McCullough, S. and Rees, T., 2024. A multi-season machine learning approach to examine the training load and injury relationship in professional soccer. Journal of Sports Analytics, 10 (1), 47-65.

Dabou, O., Baudin, T., Brisset, F., Waeckerlé, T., Betanda, Y. A., Huang, Y., Helbert, A-L., Bradai, D. and Langdon, T. G., 2024. Correlation between microstructure, magnetic properties and mechanical behavior of the Permimphy alloy after high-pressure torsion. Journal of Materials Science. (In Press)

Markostamou, I., Morrissey, S. and Hornberger, M., 2024. Imagery and verbal strategies in spatial memory for route and survey descriptions. Brain Sciences, 14 (4), 403.

Kannangara, Y. Y., Karunarathne, S., Wijesinghe, W. P. S. L., Sandaruwan, C., Ratwani, C. R., Kamali, A. R. and Abdelkader, A. M., 2024. The electrochemical performance of various NiCo<inf>2</inf>O<inf>4</inf> nanostructures in hybrid supercapacitors: Investigating the impact of crystalline defects. Journal of Energy Storage, 84, 110717.

Maqsood, R., Schofield, S., Bennett, A. N., Khattab, A., Bull, A. M. J., Fear, N. T. and Boos, C. J., 2024. Exploratory analysis of spontaneous versus paced breathing on heart rate variability in veterans with combat-related traumatic injury. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. (In Press)

Collins, K. C., Clark, A. B., Pomeroy, V. M. and Kennedy, N. C., 2024. The test-retest reliability of non-navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) measures of corticospinal pathway excitability early after stroke. Disability and Rehabilitation. (In Press)

Nolan, E. T., Hindes, A. M., Bolland, J. D., Davies, P., Gutmann Roberts, C., Tarkan, A. S. and Britton, J. R., 2024. Movements and habitat use of native and invasive piscivorous fishes in a temperate and channelized lowland river. Hydrobiologia.

Garanti, Z., Ilkhanizadeh, S. and Liasidou, S., 2024. Sustainable Place Branding and Visitors’ Responses: A Systematic Literature Review. Sustainability, 16 (8), 3312.

Mohan, V., Rathinam, C., Yates, D., Paungmali, A. and Boos, C., 2024. Validity and reliability of outcome measures to assess dysfunctional breathing: a systematic review. BMJ Open Respiratory Research, 11 (1), e001884.

Barrett, Z. and Shipway, R., 2024. Crisis management response strategies of small-scale sport event organisations to the effects of the covid-19 pandemic. Event Management, 28 (3), 441-459.

Fu, H., Gao, B., Qiao, Y., Lin, P., Liu, Z., Yuan, S., Abdelkader, A. and Kamali, A.R., 2024. Nano-crosslinked mesoporous graphene for superior Na-ion storage. Journal of Energy Storage, 86 (Part B), 111555. (In Press)

Brady, M. J., Jenkins, C. A., Gamble-Turner, J. M., Moseley, R., Janse van Rensburg, M. and Matthews, R. J., 2024. "A perfect storm”: Autistic experiences of menopause and midlife. Autism. (In Press)

Aboud, A., Elbardan, H., El-Helaly, M. and Kotb, A., 2024. Does the audit committee member’s accounting experience associated with key audit matter types? Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting. (In Press)

Ruiz-Redondo, A., Vander Linden, M., Radovic, S., Karavanic, I. and Vukosavljevic, N., 2024. A cautionary tale from the Adriatic Palaeolithic: reassessing the stratigraphic reliability of Sandalja II cave (Istria, Croatia). Comptes Rendus Palevol, 23 (15), 197-210.

Dyball, D., Bennett, A. N., Schofield, S., Cullinan, P., Boos, C. J., Bull, A. M. J., Stevelink, S. A. M. and Fear, N. T., 2024. The underlying mechanisms by which Post-Traumatic Growth is associated with cardiovascular health in male UK military personnel: The ADVANCE cohort study. Journal of Health Psychology. (In Press)

Bird, E., Wiener, J., Huang, C-Y. and Attard-Johnson, J., 2024. The efficacy of the Self-Administered Interview: A systematic review. Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling, e1632. (In Press)

Elma, O., Yilmaz, S. T., Nijs, J., Clarys, P., Coppieters, I., Mertens, E., Malfliet, A. and Deliens, T., 2024. Impaired Carbohydrate Metabolism among Women with Chronic Low Back Pain and the Role of Dietary Carbohydrates: A Randomized Controlled Cross-Over Experiment. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 13 (7), 1-17.

Kiat Toh, D. W., Fu, A. S., Mehta, K. A., Lin Lam, N. Y., Haldar, S. and Henry, C. J., 2024. Plant-based meat analogues (PBMAs) and their effects on cardiometabolic health: An 8-week randomized controlled trial comparing PBMAs with their corresponding animal-based foods. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. (In Press)

Cantarello, E., Jacobsen, J. B., Lloret, F. and Lindner, M., 2024. Shaping and enhancing resilient forests for a resilient society. Ambio. (In Press)

Snåre, H., García-Girón, J., Alahuhta, J., Bini, L. M., Boda, P., Bonada, N., Brasil, L. S., Callisto, M., Castro, D. M. P., Chen, K., Csabai, Z., Datry, T., Domisch, S., García-Marquez, J. R., Floury, M., Friberg, N., Gill, B. A., González-Trujillo, J. D., Göthe, E., Haase, P., Hamada, N., Hill, M. J., Hjort, J., Juen, L., Jupke, J. F., de Faria, A. P. J., Li, Z., Ligeiro, R., Linares, M. S., Luiza-Andrade, A., Macedo, D. R., Mathers, K. L., Mellado-Diaz, A., Milosevic, D., Moya, N., Poff, N. L., Rolls, R. J., Roque, F. O., Saito, V. S., Sandin, L., Schäfer, R. B., Scotti, A., Siqueira, T, Martins, R. T., Valente-Neto, F., Wang, B., Wang, J., Xie, Z. and Heino, J., 2024. The relationships between biotic uniqueness and abiotic uniqueness are context dependent across drainage basins worldwide. Landscape Ecology, 39, 86.

Kavanagh, E. and Mountjoy, M., 2024. CyberAbuse in sport: beware and be aware! British Journal of Sports Medicine (April), 1-3.

Williams, D., Welham, K., Eve, S. and De Smedt, P., 2024. Geophysical approaches to the archaeological prospection of early modern battlefield landscapes: a review of methods and objectives. Journal of Conflict Archaeology, 19 (1), 6-41.

Jia, K., Yang, G., He, Y., Cao, Z., Gao, J., Zhao, H., Piao, Z., Wang, J., Abdelkader, A. M., Liang, Z., Kumar, R V., Zhou, G., Ding, S. and Xi, K., 2024. Degradation Mechanisms of Electrodes Promotes Direct Regeneration of Spent Li-Ion Batteries: A Review. Advanced Materials Interfaces, e2313273. (In Press)

Stephens, J., Simkhada, P., van Teijlingen, E., Porter, J. and Eaton, J., 2024. An analysis of Nepal’s Draft Mental Health Acts 2006-2017: Competing values and power. Health Policy and Planning. (In Press)

De Rezende, H., 2024. Using leadership styles to promote nurses’ health, well-being and productivity. Nursing Standard. (In Press)

Voulgaridis, K., Lagkas, T., Angelopoulos, C. M., Boulogeorgos, A. A. A., Argyriou, V. and Sarigiannidis, P., 2024. Digital product passports as enablers of digital circular economy: a framework based on technological perspective. Telecommunication Systems, 85 (4), 699-715.

Harper, R. C., Sheppard, S., Miller, E., Stewart, C. and Clark, C. J., 2024. #DryByChristmas: A patient and public involvement study on women's engagement with humorous pelvic floor muscle training digital nudges on social media. Health Expectations, 27 (2), e14033.

Lee, J. K. W., Janssen, S. M. J. and Estudillo, A. J., 2024. No modulation effects of depressive traits on the self-face advantage. Personality and Individual Differences, 220, 112524.

Jiang, H., Yuan, H., Tee, S. and Lam Nogueira, O. C. B., 2024. Perspectives and experiences of community-dwelling older adults who experience falling: A qualitative meta-synthesis. International Journal of Nursing Sciences, 11 (2), 276-285.

Mohamed, O. O., Bazarnik, P., Huang, Y., Azzeddine, H., Baudin, T., Brisset, F., Kawasaki, M. and Langdon, T. G., 2024. Primary recrystallization of a magnesium hybrid material fabricated by high-pressure torsion. Materials Today Communications. (In Press)

Talbot, C., 2024. The Role of TikTok in Students’ Health and Wellbeing. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction. (In Press)

Leung, X., Viglia, G. and Buhalis, D., 2024. Immersive Advertising via Co-Creation:Lessons from the Visitor Economy” How to Enhance Experiential Competitiveness With an “Attract, Convert, and Delight” Strategy. Journal of Advertising Research. (In Press)

Rasul, T., de Oliveira Santini, F., Lin, W. M., Buhalis, D., Ramkissoon, H., Ladeira, W. J., Pingo, D C. and Azhar, M., 2024. Tourist engagement: Toward an integrated framework using meta-analysis. Journal of Vacation Marketing. (In Press)

Vignesh, V., Castro-Dominguez, B., James, T. D., Gamble-Turner, J. M., Lightman, S. and Reis, N. M., 2024. Advancements in cortisol detection: from conventional methods to next-generation technologies for enhanced hormone monitoring. ACS Sensors. (In Press)

Boilard, A., Walker, S. J., Lødøen, T. K., Henriksen, M., Takken Beijersbergen, L. M, Star, B., Robu, M., Tøssebro, C., Albrektsen, C. M., Soleng, Y., Aksnes, S., Jørgensen, R., Hufthammer, A. K., van Kolfschoten, T., Lauritzen, S.-E. and Boessenkool, S., 2024. Ancient DNA and osteological analyses of a unique paleo-archive reveal Early Holocene faunal expansion into the Scandinavian Arctic. Science Advances, 10 (13), 1-11.

Orthey, R., Rechdan, J., Satchell, L., Kyo, A, Matsuda, I and Walsh, D, 2024. Applications of Legal Psychology in Japan: Current Practice, Research Knowledge, and Future Directions. Collabra: Psychology, 10 (1), 115298.

Buhalis, D., Efthymiou, L., Uzunboylu, N. and Thrassou, A., 2024. Charting the Progress of Technology Adoption in Tourism and Hospitality in the Era of Industry 4.0. Euromed Journal of Business, 19 (1), 1-20.

Riris, P., 2024. Monumental snake engravings of the Orinoco River. Antiquity: a quarterly review of archaeology. (In Press)

Hardman, D., 2024. A fictionalist account of open-label placebo. The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy.

Gennings, E., Batten, J. and Brown, H., 2024. Development and validation of the Winchester Adolescent Wellbeing Scale: a holistic measure of children’s wellbeing. International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, 29 (1), 2331569.

Naiseh, M., Clark, J., Akarsu, T., Hanoch, Y., Brito, M., Wald, M., Webster, T. and Shukla, P., 2024. Trust, risk perception, and intention to use autonomous vehicles: an interdisciplinary bibliometric review. AI and Society. (In Press)

Simkhada, B., van Teijlingen, E., Sharma, C., Pandey, A. and Simkhada, P., 2024. Nepal needs Continuing Professional Development for Re-registration in Nursing and Midwifery. Journal of Nepal Health Research Council, 21 (60), 541-542.

Arabacı, G., Cakir, B. S. and Parris, B. A., 2024. The effect of high-frequency rTMS over left DLPFC and fluid abilities on goal neglect. Brain Structure and Function. (In Press)

Wang, L., Yang, X. and Zhang, J., 2024. Fast Coherent Video Style Transfer via Flow Errors Reduction. Applied Sciences, 14 (6), 2630.

Stewart, C. and Barker-Ruchti, N., 2024. Unraveling Gender and Non-Accidental Violence in Women’s Gymnastics Research: A Critical Interpretive Synthesis. Quest. (In Press)

Axon, S., 2024. Unveiling Understandings of the Rio Declaration’s Sustainability Principles: A Case of Alternative Concepts, Misaligned (Dis)Connections, and Terminological Evolution. Sustainability, 16 (6), 2600.

Bennetts, R. J., Gregory, N. J. and Bate, S., 2024. Both identity and non-identity face perception tasks predict developmental prosopagnosia and face recognition ability. Scientific Reports, 14, 6626. (In Press)

Branney, J., Breen, A., du Rose, A., Mowlem, P. and Breen, A., 2024. Disc degeneration and cervical spine intervertebral motion: A Cross-sectional study in patients with neck pain and matched healthy controls. Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology, 9 (1), 55.

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